MIZAR Pocket Loupes small enough to take with you anywhere. We've selected just a few of our best from our dozens of styles to offer you here.

The RK-650

Black / Wine / Camel
High quality optical glass offers high transparency in this 3.5x lens that slips into a 50mm squared leather case.

The RK-345

Black / Red / Brown
This 45mm glass lens magnifies at 3.5x and folds neatly into a stitched leather pouch.


Here are some bigger magnifiers for any number of uses, including that crossword puzzle that seems to keep getting smaller each year.


The RHG-1400
The Big Loupe

The large square lens of the Big Loupe is great for reading newspapers and magazines. It features an high-transparency acrylic lens and is surprisingly lightweight. It is a 1.8x lens with a smaller, circular 3.5 spotter lens in the lower corner. The lens frame is 110x145mm sitting on an angled wooden handle and weighs in at 250 g.


The SN-130LH
LED Handheld

The SN-130LH is a large-sized 1.8x acrylic lens magnifier with an LED light. It features a bifocal-type 4.5x magnifier inset, so you can read the smallest of character easily. The unit weighs in at 235g.

The LE-Series Handheld
LE-65 / LE-75 / LE-90

LE-65 3x LED 65mm lens 65gms
LE-75 2.5x LED 75mm lens 70gms
LE-90 2x LED 90mm 90 gms

The RAS-900
Our High-end Handheld

This is a high-end magnifier adopting an aspherical lens to give you a crisp, clear image in every nook and cranny. The hand-sown leather handle adapts to your hand with use and feels 'made to order'. A hefty, but not heavy 155g instrument with a 90mm aspherical lens at 3.5x.


We thought we'd add a couple of great MIZAR Desktop Loupes into the mix. They are a most practical desk accessory.

The RS-505
Desktop Loupe

Weighing in at 205gm, the RS-505 features a 65mm acrylic 3x lens.

The RS-605
Desktop Loupe

At 265 gm, the heftier RS-605 combines both acrylic and optical 80mm glass 6x lenses.


The RU-1795
Office Workhorse

This solid, adjustable, multi-lens, beauty folds-up as easily as it adjusts to any chore you need it to do. The large lens area (145x110mm) is a comfortable 1.8x and the smaller lenses are 4x and 7x powered respectively. This unit weighs in at 1.9kg with a solid base that will not tip over even with arms fully extended.