Is it a simple Magnifier or is it an Inspection Loupe?

I guess that technically they are all General Inspection Loupes since we use them to inspect stuff; but the description can best be determined by what you use it for. That said, yes, indeed, some of our Magnifiers could be called Inspection Loupes. But as always, a picture is worth a whole bunch of definitions.

The DA-10
MIZAR Triplet

This 3-lens configuration at 10x folds right into its 10mm case. The neutral color tone of the lenses is essential for gem and other precision inspection tasks.

The DA-18

MIZAR FIVEFOLD can be found in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police toolchest. Enough said?

It is configured into 2 groups of 5 lens elements to give bright, clear images. The Fivefold features 18x magnification and is 18mm in size.

The DA-20
MIZAR Triplet

This is another popular MIZAR triplet in a slightly larger configuration at 21mm and 10x power.


MIZAR Scale Loupes

Scale Loupe magnifiers are precision measuring tools that are used when precise measurements and exacting inspections are critical.

The RCS-5050
Scale Loupe

7x High Quality Measuring Comparator with precision 18mm achromat lens gives a perfect image with metric scale and measures up to 16mm in 0.1mm increments. Comes with a protective soft case. This is a precision measuring reticle magnifier.

The RCS-8050 Scale Loupe

10x High Quality Measuring Comparator with 28mm reticle-precision achromatic lens gives a perfect image with metric scale and measures up to 16mm in 0.1mm increments. Comes in a protective soft case. Our finest precision measuring reticle magnifier.


‚óŹ We include some popular MIZAR mini-magnifiers The MIZAR pen-type microscope is very easy to carry, but it is no toy. This convenient scope comes in 30x or 50x lenses and is used in many fields from archeology to machine part inspection.

The MK-32 - 30x
The MK-50
- 50x

These are identical in size and weight at a mere 20g and 13x115mm in length. Slips right into your pocket.



The MS-50L Mini Microscope

This mighty mini with an attached LED light is very popular for field work in many disciplines.
Power: 50x
Weight: 145g
Size: 135x75x38mm