Again we borrow a bit of language from Wikipedia®™: "Optical microscopes are the oldest design of microscope and were designed around 1600. Basic optical microscopes can be very simple, although there are many complex designs which aim to improve resolution and sample contrast. Historically optical microscopes were easy to develop and are popular because they use visible light so the sample can be directly observed by eye."

MIZAR carries a broad line of compound single eyepiece biological microscopes used mainly in educational environments. The workplace, however, demands stereo eyepieces to help ease eyestrain and our stereo single lens microscopes are used for product inspection throughout the country. MIZAR stereo compound microscopes are used by both educational and private sector research laboratories. Below are just a few examples.

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The MBW-1000
Stereo Microscope

Our best for the laboratory or classroom.
Moveable specimen holder, fine focus, illuminated100v/20 halogen (220v avail)
Crisp. Clear. Essential. The MBW-1000 gets down to business.

Magnification: 40~1000x
Eyepiece: WF-10
Objective Lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil)
Eyepiece Angle: 45º
Rotation: 360º

The SW-20

Most often used to observe plant and ore samples, this small-sized stereo microscope gives you great three dimensional images. The battery powered specimen lighting lets you get to work anytime and anywhere.

Magnification: 20x
Eyepiece: WF-10
Objective Lens: 2x
Space Adjustment: 50-70mm - battery illuminated
Weight: 570g


The MW-10F
Stereo Microscope

Thousands of these professional stereo microscopes are preferred for assembly inspection. The flexible arm easily adapts to the task at hand.

Magnification: 10x
Eyepiece: WF10
Objective Lens: 1x
Space Adjustment: 50~70mm
Operation Range: 150mm
Arm Length: 300mm
Pedestal Diameter: 145mm
Weight: 3.8kg