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That link above is for our Japanese-language site. It is quite easy to navigate and you can download our newest catalog there, keeping in mind that the prices listed are recommended retail prices. And here is another hint - if you use a Google Chrome browser it will translate pages from the Japanese - not perfectly, but good enough to understand.

We are MIZAR Optical Japan, exclusive representatives for MIZAR TEC of Japan. Sorry, but if your instrument says 'MIZAR' but you or a relative didn't get it via this website or buy it while in Japan, it ISN'T made by or under the authority of Mizar Tech KK, Japan established in 1952. In other words, it isn't really a MIZAR, it’s a knockoff. It may be a decent, functioning knockoff, but it's a knockoff just the same. So, please don't ask me about that Mizar (spelled with a lower case "i" on the packaging) telescope or microscope you got online - it isn't ours.

It is not our intension to sell single items, but if you see something you must have, let me know and I'll send you information on our payment options. Please remember shipping from Japan is by EMS (Express Mail Service) because of it's good record - but shipping can be pricey with heavy, delicate items. We do not recommend telescopes to our overseas clients as setting can be jostled.

Distributors and Retailers:

Yes, volume is our business. We would enjoy exploring the possibility of representation in SouthEast Asia and Oceania. Look through these pages and contact me. If your business would like to include genuine ‘MIZAR’ products for your clientele, contact me with Catalog Numbers, Quantities and Shipping address - I get back to you with a quote. Just ask here. Simple.


Most, but not all, of our merchandise is Made in Japan or OEM’d for cost savings. Regardless, everything is inspected by our technical staff at our Tokyo headquarters. All items are shipped EMS (Express Mail Service) from Tokyo unless otherwise specified.